papaya (Carica papaya) The melon-like fruit of a small, palm-like evergreen that probably originated in Central America, papaya is now cultivated in tropical regions worldwide. India, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, and Zaire rank among the top producers. Papayas also come from Hawaii, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Central and South America. The fruit may weigh up to 20 lb. Ripe papaya is yellow-orange on the outside, with a sweet, red-orange pulp. It may be round or elongated depending on the variety. The most common variety in U.S. markets is the Solo; Mexican papayas are much larger. Papayas are usually eaten fresh, in salads, and in sherbets, or juiced, pickled, and candied.

Papaya leaves and fruit contain PAPAIN and chy-mopapain, powerful protein-degrading enzymes that are used as digestive acids and MEAT TENDERIZ-ERS. Papaya is a good source of potassium and vitamin C. Nutrient content of whole fruit (304 g, edible portion) is: 117 calories; protein, 1.9 g; carbohydrate, 29.8 g; fiber, 5.2 g; potassium, 780 mg;

vitamin A, 612 retinol equivalents; vitamin C, 188 mg; thiamin, 0.08 mg; riboflavin, 0.10 mg; niacin, 1.03 mg. (See also PROTEASE.)

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