School Lunch Program

School Lunch Program A federal program established under the National School Lunch Program of 1946 to protect the health of U.S. children through the consumption of nutritious foods. The act authorized state grant-in-aid program to provide cash and food. The cost is shared among the USDA, state and local governments, and children's families. Household income determines whether a child will receive a reduced rate or free meal. To qualify, household income must be below 185 percent of the federal poverty level; for free meals household income must fall below 130 percent of the poverty level.

The National School Lunch Program is open to public and private schools and to residential child care institutions. Schools that participate in the program receive financial assistance, donated surplus commodities and technical assistance in equipping and managing the program. In the 1970s, the Nutrition Education and Training Program was developed to educate students about the relationship between nutrition and health, to train food service personnel in management, and to instruct teachers in nutrition education. The program was expanded due to increased need for low-cost, subsidized meals, especially among economically disadvantaged children.

On a typical day in school year 2000-2001, 15.6 million children participated in the program. The

program has continued to serve nutritious school lunches to children who would not likely receive lunch from another source. Furthermore, school lunches have provided approximately 33 percent of the RECOMMENDED DIETARY ALLOWANCES (RDAs) for children of various ages. Eligibility for participation in the program is contingent upon operating on a nonprofit basis, providing free or reduced price lunches to needy children, making lunches available to all children providing dining and kitchen facilities, avoiding segregation of needy children and serving meals that conform to USDA guidelines.

School lunches must meet the DIETARY GUIDELINES FOR AMERICANS, which recommend that no more than 30 percent of a person's calories come from fat and less than 10 percent from saturated fat. The lunches should also provide one-third of the U.S. RDA of protein, iron, calcium, and vitamins A and C. In 2001 the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine issued a report that found that many school lunches offered in the National School Lunch Program did not meet these requirements. Only one in 12 elementary school districts substituted lower-fat, cholesterol-free plant protein in place of meat, and one-fourth were not meeting USDA nutrition requirements.

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National School Lunch Program

…because I am too depressed to actually write about it. [recall that by law, the school lunch program has to align with the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans...
what is the purpose of the National School Lunch Program?...

so kids can eat while at school?The National School Lunch Program was designed to help children who fall within set guidelines based on the poverty line to have

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if you are in high school then go off campus for lunch and boycott the food. that help at my school. they got better quality food.

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states control the lunches servedThe school lunch program is optional.

And there are efforts being put forth to try to change the menu so that it is healthier

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This is unbelievable, where are you getting this crap. No, we are for giving a hand up not a hand out. If you need your illegal kid feed see a padre.Ha Ha…. ”

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Please share your source.Cuts have to be made in places regardless of the positive impact each program has had in a budget crisis. It’s logical.Because the Obam

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The Wellington School teaches kids at an early age to make the right choices when it comes to their lunches.

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…The company originally launched Internet Essentials in August 2011, but has expanded the program's eligibility to include qualified families with students who receive free or reduced-price school lunches through the National School Lunch Program….

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School Lunch Program


School Lunch Program


School Lunch Program


School Lunch Program

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