testosterone The predominant male sex HORMONE. Testosterone is the major androgenic hormone (hormones that guide the development and maintenance of male organs and secondary male characteristics, including facial hair, male musculature, with widened shoulders and narrowed hips, among others). Testosterone stimulates the accumulation of muscle and the maturation of sperm and stimulates bone growth. Testosterone, like other STEROID hormones, is synthesized from CHOLESTEROL and is secreted by the testicles. Illicit use of synthetic androgens by athletes and body builders has led to increased muscle mass above the level induced by workouts, with often disastrous side effects.

In females, testosterone is synthesized by the ovaries and adrenal glands; the blood levels of testosterone in women are about 10 percent of a typical male. The role of androgens in female development is unclear. The effects of excessive male hormones are better documented with increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, breast cancer, irregular periods and endometrial cancer. (See also ANABOLIC STEROIDS.)

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Therefore , how did I end up getting low testosterone amounts? And, is it feasible… may have contributed to reduced testosterone levels. There is certainly some analysis…

Testo-sterone Driven Violence

… physically, verbally, and defeated by men who have typically 4 times the actual testosterone. T makes a man a guy. Estrogen is for your females…

Aged: Testosterone and Our Gray Asexuality

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What are good natural testosterone supplements/stimulants?...

… completely Whey Proteins L-Glutamine

You might have the natural herb Tribulus Terrestris, it will help signal your testis to create more testosterone. You may get it through…

What is the normal testosterone level in a woman-and yes woman have testosterone?...

… in regards to a quarter of the nut’s worth. I am not sure myself, however I’m posting an answer simply because I’d like to return and see the actual answers, nice publishing!: )cal…

What will testosterone boosters do for my body?...

… Good side effects of using additional testosterone might include:

2. More frequent erections
2. Harder erections
2. Longer-lasting erections
* Simpler to achieve…

How can I increase my testosterone level without injections/prescription?...

… you cannot. testosterone production is actually managed by your hypothalmus absolutely nothing you can do about this. accept how you are. You will find loads of methods to enhance your testos…

What increases testosterone levels in males besides popping pills?...

… masturbation will not increase testosterone amounts…. the just plain hormonesTight hold+lube+up and also down= ejaculation=testosterone

steroid drugs too but you truly…

What are the effects of testosterone treatment on gay men?...

… We are gay and never heard about any treatment for homosexual men. No such matter. It’s like having an end to redheads. As soon as gay, always homosexual. It certainly could work on some w…

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Testo-sterone Part IX – Testosterone Insufficiency – Causes, Signs, Prevention and Therapy

… immune system. As guys age, the pituitary glandular produces less free testosterone whilst more free testosterone has been converted to estrogen that results in many health issues. In this post, we are going to discuss the reasons, symptoms, avoidance and treatment of testosterone insufficiency.

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